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TRACY, Calif. (KTXL) — Grace Church in Tracy is launching an emergency shopping and delivery program to serve seniors in need. 

Discipleship Pastor Chris Lovelace told FOX40 the church wanted to come together to help Tracy’s most vulnerable— seniors and those with higher risk. 

“We wanted to alleviate the stress and strain. There’s anxiety that people are going through during this time,” said Lovelace.

Volunteers will pick up basic food items like eggs, bread and cereals, drinks like water and sodas and supplies such as toilet paper for a donation. 

“We want to work together to slow the spread of the virus COVID-19 and we want to be able to prevent people from having to unnecessarily go out of their house and expose themselves to a life-threatening virus,” said Lovelace.

Seniors like Dolly Tirado told FOX40 they’re grateful for shopping and delivery programs like Grace Church’s or the Tracy Seniors Association’s. 

“They tell you, you have to keep your distance but if you’re in line that’s not keeping your distance. I mean I have a mask and I have gloves but the thing is, both my husband and I are diabetic. He’s had heart surgery. I’m 74; he’s 78,” explained Tirado.

She says it can be intimidating to seniors to deal with crowds and long lines. 

“I can’t stand very long either,” said Tirado. “Usually when I go to the grocery store I get on the little scooters and I do my shopping.”

Tirado says it’s a relief knowing they won’t have to leave the house to get the help they need. 

“I thought that was a great idea… I’m glad somebody came up with it because a lot of seniors won’t leave their homes you know and a lot of them, a lot of people don’t have anyone that can do that for them,” said Tirado.

“We really just want to get something started, something going, something moving, and we have healthy bodies people that are ready to help,” said Lovelace.

For more information on how you can sign up to have groceries delivered or if you would like to volunteer, please see the links below:

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