Citrus Heights Police Share Clips of Crashes as Warning to Drivers

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CITRUS HEIGHTS -- The Citrus Heights Police Department shared a compilation video of crashes and near misses at busy intersections over the last two years.

"And a lot of those videos, they almost seem like it was from a Hollywood movie if you will because those violations were so egregious," Lieutenant Kris Frey said.

Officers hope sharing the video brings more public awareness to the dangers of running red lights.

"I'm glad to see that someone is bringing that to everyone’s attention," neighbor Larry Harris said.

It's a message Harris is already very familiar with. In 1981, Harris lost his youngest daughter when she was just 12 years old.

"A driver had run a stop sign, and hit the car she was in head-on," he said.

Harris says they believe the driver was drunk.

"Witnesses told us they had seen this vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and it had run two stop signs before coming to that one," Harris told FOX40.

Since the crash, Harris’ older daughter Rhonda Campbell has been working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving Sacramento. She says seeing the latest video from Citrus Heights brings back bad memories, but also terrifies her as a mother.

"You know, you teach them at home the best you can to be a good defensive driver, but when you see things like that on TV it reminds you it's not about what you're teaching your kids really," Campbell said. "It's about other people being responsible and paying attention. Unfortunately, we live in a time when you can’t rely on that."

Citrus Heights police could not provide statistics on how many drivers in the video were impaired or distracted, but officers say the video could be a good lesson for all drivers.

"To really look at it, and understand the importance of waiting before entering the intersections on a green (light)," Frey said.

And Harris hopes sharing his pain serves as a lesson for everyone to stop on a red.

“It's something I have to live with now. Like I said, that anguish goes back 37 years," Harris said. "My mind has tried to figure out what would happen if they just hadn’t of ran the stop sign."


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