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CITRUS HEIGHTS — A Citrus Heights couple woke up Friday morning to find both of their cars vandalized.

That’s according to their next door neighbor, Terri Justinich, who believes they were targeted for the “Donald Trump” bumper stickers on their cars.

“For someone to see a little tiny sticker, and then destroy people’s cars because of it, is pretty sad,” Justinich told FOX40.

The couple, who has not been identified, left their cars parked in the driveway outside their home. One of their cars had the word “Trump”, followed by an anti-gay slur, painted on it. The other was also tagged, but the writing is unclear, and difficult to make out. Both cars were keyed, and the Trump stickers were scratched out.

The Citrus Heights Police Department says one of the victims has reached out to begin filing a police report.

Justinich saw the cars first, and says she knocked on her neighbors’ door, to alert them of the situation.

“They were in shock. They were minding their own business,” Justinich said. “And you know, there’s no reason for this. They were really upset.”

Justinich doesn’t know her neighbors well. She doesn’t even know their names. But she says, they’ve always been kind to her family.

“It makes me want to watch out more, because this shouldn’t happen,” she said. “People should be able to vote for whoever they want, without repercussions.”

Justinich has security cameras, but they are pointed in the wrong direction. All she can hope is that her new flag encourages her neighbors to keep expressing their beliefs.

“We’re very proud of our country, and proud of our president,” Justinich said. “People shouldn’t have to be afraid.”