City council to approve millions to help curb violence in Old Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — After seeing so many businesses close during the pandemic, the Sacramento City Council is ready to approve the use of $112 million to bring the city back online. 

They also want to help places like Old Sacramento, which has seen a recent uptick in violence and harm to businesses this year. 

It’s a labor of love for Atrium’s CEO Shira Lane, who found a shuttered warehouse and turned it into a family-friendly studio and galleria. 

“You can come sit and paint a canvas, sip kombucha. You can make a magic wand,” Lane said. 

But recently, day-to-day operations for the warehouse near Old Sacramento’s waterfront have been interrupted with an uptick of crime and violence. 

“We had some $8,000 worth of camera equipment stolen. We had a lot of stuff happen and this was the day right after the shooting,” Lane said. 

On July 16, two people were killed and four others were injured in a shooting in Old Sacramento. It happened again recently in September near 2nd and K streets, with two people being shot. 

But help is on the way for Old Sacramento. 

“The city council will decide, and I’m confident they will decide, to invest $61 million directly into our community,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said. 

Some city leaders are ready to invest part of their $112 million American Rescue Plan Act fund into downtown. The plan is to use $8.2 million to support small businesses citywide, while $5 million will be exclusively used for improving Old Sacramento. 

“In addition to environmental enhancements in the areas of lighting, security cameras, increased patrols, which we have seen in the past several months, those will continue,” Old Sacramento manager Scott Ford said. 

Another response to the string of shootings will be the use of $1.5 million for youth violence protection programs. 

“What that will enable us to do is hire the interveners, hire the folks that have successfully helped at Arden and Delta Shores to come in, who have relationships with these youths, and really ensure that there’s accountability,” Councilwoman for District 4 Katie Valenzuela said. 

It’s something Lane and other businesses have tried to do to make Old Sacramento a safer and more welcoming place for families. 

“This is a gem. This place is a true gem and I feel like we really need to be taking care of it a little bit better,” Lane said. 

Other investments in the American Rescue Plan include $2 million just to keep outdoor dining. Another big component being approved Tuesday night is $41 million for the city’s master siting plan, creating 25 indoor encampments for the homeless across the city. 

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