City crews rely on neighbors to report clogged drains, debris piles

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- With rain expected to fall through the week and as leaves pile up on many sidewalks and in storm drains, the city of Sacramento is warning that could lead to flooding.

“Well it’s stuck up you know? I have no idea what that is, you know?” said Raymond Tam, who was visiting from Georgia to help clean his elderly mother’s gutters in the Pocket neighborhood. “She don’t even know what problem is, you know. She’s digging a hole down there.”

The leaves and gunk in those gutters have also made their way into storm drains across the city. That has the city’s Department of Utilities putting some miles on this truck.

“It’s a vactor. It’s used for cleaning basins and mains and stuff like that,” city worker Terry Ward said.

The vactor can clear out a gutter fast, often in less than five minutes.

“The jetter hose puts out 2500 psi, so it goes up in there and cuts through anything and brings it out and pulls it all back,” Ward said.

But the city says the problem is most times crews don’t know where the flooding is happening. That’s why they’re encouraging people to report it by dialing 311 and to not assume someone else already has.

“We’ve got the whole city to look for. So we drive around and catch all the ones we can find but if they call them in that puts them on our priority we can take them out,” Ward said.

Same goes with debris piles. The city has been using its claw to clean them up but still needs to know where they are.

As for the gutters on your house, you’re on your own keeping those clear.

“I just see the problem,” Tam said. “That’s why I just come and clean it up.”


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