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SACRAMENTO — A city employee is being hailed a hero after he stopped a thief from taking a barge from the Sacramento Marina.

That employee caught up to the thief on another boat and boarded the stolen vessel. That’s when the two got into a fight. Whitney Loo told FOX40 he saw the whole thing.

“Yeah he was down at the field dock working, and he just happened to be walking, and he’s like, ‘hey that’s city property you’re taking,’ and the guy’s like, ‘I know,'” said Loo, who was at the marina at the time working on his boat.

Sacramento police said the suspect, 23-year-old Bruce Klair, was attempting to steal a city-owned barge used for maintenance around the marina.

The city employee, who Loo only knows as “Lucky,”sprang into action, driving his boat up to Klair’s and tying the two boats together.

That’s when Loo said Klair started begging “Lucky” to forget the whole thing happened.

Klair told Loo and “Lucky” he had just been released from jail, and he was taking the boat in order to get back to the Bay Area.

Loo said he called 911 and was heading up to the marina’s gate to let the police in when he saw Klair start attacking “Lucky.”

“He started to lose control and tried to attempt to kill ‘Lucky’… Tried to bend him over the side of the boat and tried to drown him,” Loo said.

But “Lucky” fought back and regained control of the two boats. Loo said he soon found a nearby park ranger who arrested Klair.