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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Fire Chief Gary Loesch was fired from the department Thursday afternoon.

FOX40 first learned of his firing from a source on Thursday night later confirmed the information with Loesch himself.

In an interview with FOX40, Loesch said he was fired around 4 p.m. Thursday by Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan.

According to Loesch, the main reason he was given for being fired was that the city didn’t agree with his management style. Loesch said he was blindsided and never had an issue with management over his 30-plus-year career. He became Sacramento’s fire chief in 2018.

City manager Howard Chan refused to do an interview with FOX40 but did criticize the department on overtime during last week’s city council meeting.

“I would ask that staff go back and take a look at how we might accomplish the reduction in overtime,” Chan said.

Through all of this, Loesch said he has nothing to say to Chan about his decision.

“He doesn’t deserve to have me as his fire chief. The department does, but he doesn’t,” Loesch said.

Assistant City Manager Leyne Milstein will be interim chief.

FOX40 tried asking the city manager’s office why a civilian was picked as interim fire chief and not someone within the fire department, but the city manager’s office would not answer that question.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg also said he supports the city manager’s decision.

“The mayor is thankful for the leadership of City Manager Howard Chan and Assistant City Manager Leyne Milstein for stepping in leading as Interim Fire Chief. City Manager Chan and Asst. City Manager Milstein have the mayor’s full support as they lead the fire department and work through a national recruitment process to bring on a new fire chief for Sacramento.”

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

During an interview with FOX40 on Friday morning, a few of Loesch’s former crew members pulled to his house to speak with him.