City of Sacramento ‘Ahead of the Curve’ in Water Conservation

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Water is a precious commodity in California and residents know by now, they can’t afford to waste it.

In the city of Sacramento, 61 employees are now tracking water wasters seven days a week.

It’s an increase since Gov. Jerry Brown announced steeper, mandatory statewide water reductions.

It’s something Sacramento is ready for.

“We are confident that we can meet the goal of 28 percent,” said city Spokesperson Rhea Serran.

For a year, city employees have been enforcing watering rules; making sure residents use sprinklers at correct times and on the right days. If not, they can face fines.

On Thursday, FOX40 joined Steven Upton as he followed up on water waste calls in Curtis Park.

He knocked on doors and handed out notices to neighbors who were reported.

One woman who got a warning said she was shocked. The resident said she does her best to conserve, but cutting back more seems drastic.

Lynn Pichinino tells FOX40 she regularly reports those who over water.

“If I can get a hold of the person, I’ll say your sprinklers are flooding they’re going into the gutter, it’s not the time to water,” Pichinino said.

That’s the city’s goal: to get more people policing themselves and their neighbors.

Since the entire state now has to cut back, Upton says other water districts are looking to Sacramento.

“They’re like, ‘Can you give us some insight on what you guys are doing to catch these people watering to set up patrolling? To set up a fine system?'” Upton said.

Anyone caught breaking watering rules gets a warning the first time. The second time comes with a $50 fine and the fourth is a $1,000 fine.

To report water waste call 311.

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