Civil Rights Activists Support Man Held at Gunpoint by Off-Duty Stockton Officer

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STOCKTON -- A viral video out of Stockton angered civil rights groups and the man who was held at gunpoint by an off-duty officer may now be seeking legal action.

“I came because it’s not going to go under the carpet. We're going to vacuum the carpet,” said the Rev. Shane Harris with the People’s Alliance for Justice.

Weeks after the cell phone video in which James Weaver was pulled over by off-duty Stockton Officer Kevin Hachler went viral, Harris, an activist and political analyst, came to Stockton with plans to take legal action.

“We’re going to be helping James pursue a civil rights attorney,” Rev. Harris said Wednesday.

Last month, Weaver said he feared that the other man with a gun in his hand was a robber.

“It was pretty scary,” Weaver said.

The Nevada father said the safety of those with him, including three young kids, was on the line when Hachler pulled him over.

"So, he came up with his gun out,” said witness Preston Johnson. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was terrified.”

Weaver said on that day, he was on his way from Reno to Stockton to buy a car. He believes the confrontation started in Roseville.

“Basically, just happened because we were getting over on the freeway and he just didn’t like the speed we were maintaining,” he claimed.

The Stockton Police Department said in a statement:

During our on-going administrative review, we have confirmed that the event involving Off-duty Officer Kevin Hachler is separate and unrelated from the incident reported by Mr. Weaver in the Roseville area. Mr. Weaver was initially observed by Officer Hachler driving erratically southbound on Highway 99 near Cherokee Road in Stockton as he was driving to work. Officer Hachler resides in San Joaquin County. Due to anticipated litigation, we cannot discuss this matter any further.

The group is pushing for the passage of Assembly Bill 392.

“But I’m just happy with the movement,” Weaver said. “I hope the bill does get passed out there, so no one else has to go through what we went through.”

If passed, it would restrict law enforcement officers’ use of force laws.

“The other issue is that we have not seen any body-worn camera footage from the police officers who showed up on the scene,” the Rev. Harris said.

They’re now asking for a meeting with Mayor Michael Tubbs and Police Chief Eric Jones.

Above all, the group says they want officers to know they have rights too.

“So, I pray that this really brings about an awareness to show other cops that hey, I can’t get away with murder,” said Life City Church Pastor Leon Scoggins.

Weaver claimed when he showed up to court, he found that there were no charges against him. Now, he wants to confirm with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office that the incident will not be on his record.

FOX40 also reached out to Mayor Michael Tubbs and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

"A report from the Stockton Police Department was reviewed by our office and has been declined for interests of justice," the attorney's office said in response.


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