Clark Family Hosts Teen Summit in Stephon’s Name

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SACRAMENTO — The Clark family put the focus on young people Friday night at the Teen Summit as the anniversary of Stephon Clark’s death approaches.

The youth in Meadowview especially have been going through a difficult time in the months following the Clark shooting and organizers at the event are telling them they’re not alone and they can heal together.

“We were all affected, not just the Clark family was affected by this police shooting,” Stevante Clark said.

Stevante Clark is hoping for healing nearly one year after police shot and killed his brother, Stephon.

He and the Clark family organized a weekend of events to pay tribute to Stephon and bring the community together.

“What I hope we get out of this is helping people deal with trauma in a less combative way and a more positive way,” Stevante said.

The first round of events, a “teen summit,” where Sacramento’s youth gathered in a safe place to talk about trauma and managing negative feelings in a productive way. Investing that energy into positive change — instead of violence.

“Our youth especially are kind of confused about what’s going on. It’s hard for them to see a future at times in Sacramento and so we need to assure them as a community that we have their backs, that there’s caring adults in their community, and that we need to look forward to the future with them in mind and with their voices at the forefront,” said event organizer Deja Kinsey.

Many teens in the room say they struggle with feelings of fear in their community — worried that what happened to Stephon Clark could also happen to them.

“I have more anxiety in me than usual when I walk outside,” said 15-year-old Semaje Hunter. “I’m worried because i could be mistaken for someone else or I could be mistaken for having something in my pocket and cops can just shoot me out of nowhere and I can’t do nothing about it.”

Stevante hopes to ease some of that anxiety and for the community to build a brighter future in Sacramento in Stephon name.

“The legacy of Stephon is his city, his hometown, his community, his family, his children, and this is one way to share that love and that legacy with the people,” he said.

All of the weekend events will take place in the Meadowview neighborhood.


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