Clear the gutters: Sacramento County advises residents to prepare for the storm

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As the storm rolls in, Sacramento County officials are encouraging people to prepare.

High winds could cause branches to fall, and if there’s still debris in your street gutters, flooding is likely to occur.

At this point, Sacramento County officials said this storm may not bring the flooding we’ve seen in years past.

“When it came to 2017, we had storm after storm after storm for two straight months. And so if this is the beginning of another 2017, we’ll have to wait and see, but right now, there’s not enough water coming our way to cause a problem,” said county spokesman Matt Robinson.

“Plus, the grounds are pretty dry, so it should be able to suck up most of it for now,” he added.

Just in case, though, the county is opening up a sandbag center in Rio Linda, now the third site offering free sandbags to anyone who wants them.

For a complete list of locations, click or tap here.

“We want to make sure that residents here have the opportunity before the water falls to come out and get the sand to protect their homes,” Robinson told FOX40.

The storm will bring strong winds, but Robinson said it may already be too late to get the trees around your house trimmed.

“Always call for the professionals to come out and take care of it,” Robinson advised. “Right about now, in terms of getting tree branches down, it’s really not the time because the storm is coming. It’s just more about getting rid of the stuff that’s already on the ground so the water has somewhere to go.”

That means clearing debris around your house and off your roof, he said.

Robinson added for residents to pay close attention to your storm drains on your street. If you see flooding, he said, call 311.

“So that way, the county can send out people to clear the drainage without people possibly getting hurt,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Robinson said the county’s larger flood system is ready.

“When it comes to making sure we’re prepared for storms like this, it’s a year-round process for the county. We actually do a lot of our work during the summer time. That means we’re going out clearing out the trenches and the drainage areas of grass that might clog up when the rains come,” he explained.

But Robinson said illegal dumping of items like couches during the dry months can cause back-ups.

“So if people do see illegal dumping, please call 311 so we can get it out of there as fast as possible,” he said.

It is also important to look up tonight to make sure your car won’t be damaged by a falling branch, just in case the storm knocks it down.

County crews will be monitoring the situation as the storm continues.

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