COLFAX, Calif. (KTXL) — Thousands of customers remain without power Saturday night.

In Colfax, some residents have been without electricity since the River Fire plowed through the city back in mid-August.

Help from their neighbors is how some Colfax residents told FOX40 they’ve been able to get through some recent trying times.

“We’re here to help each other,” said Colfax resident Scott Ishmael.

The latest storm knocked power out for more than 4,400 customers in Colfax alone.

“We lost all our food, all of our power’s been out, and like I said, I guess it’s been several days,” explain Colfax resident Cathy D. “The helicopters came through this morning. And they come right here. Hopefully we’ll get power soon.”

Pacific Gas and Electric said they’re working hard to restore electricity to a remaining 32,000 customers in El Dorado, Nevada and Placer counties.

“It’s freezing in there. It’s cold in there,” Cathy said.

But Cathy said with a smaller generator and the will to not let the power outage put a damper on things, they still managed to make Christmas fun for their grandkids.

And aid from one neighbor down the roadway helped many of them in need.

“We had a really nice neighbor that came. We called him and he came over with his tractor,” Cathy said. “Got us out and then cleared all the roads for all the neighbors.”

Ishmael was the good Samaritan who helped Cathy and other community members. He lost his own home in the River Fire that ripped through Colfax back in August.

“Just to see the outpouring of kindness, it just makes you want to reciprocate it,” Ishmael explained.

Since then, Ishmael and his family continue to depend on a generator for power in a trailer they’re temporarily calling home.

“We had the longest time without rain over the summer. Then we had the wettest weekend, eight inches in 24 hours. And this is the most snowfall that they’ve ever seen in the last 24 years, and losing your house. You just smile. You just go, ‘well, it can’t get any worse than this,’” Ishmael said with laughter. 

Ishmael is not alone. A handful of residents still have no electricity following the destruction of the River Fire.

Neighbors said Ishmael was still there for them, plowing through mountains of snow to clear the roads, even after the fire destroyed his tractor.

“He bought a new tractor and it saved us all,” Cathy said.

Colfax residents told FOX40 it is community support from one another that helps them get through the difficult times.