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COLUSA — The Colusa County Fish and Wildlife commissioner says there will be a community meeting after mountain lion jumped through an apartment window.

Wildlife officials say the big cat climbed into the window on July 4, after it ran into a door at a bowling alley next door off Main Street in Colusa. The woman inside was sleeping when the lion jumped on her bed.

“She was asleep and it landed on her bed and actually at first I think she said she thought she was dreaming, it didn’t seem real,” apartment manager Francis Muniz said.

The tenant stayed calm and opened the back door, Muniz said. Bleeding and disoriented, the animal ran outside.

Animal trackers say the mountain lion may have thought the window was an entrance to a cave, or it was reacting to its reflection in the glass.

Colusa County Fish and Wildlife Commissioner John Troughton says state wardens need to address the growing number of mountain lion sightings in human-populated areas before someone is hurt.

“People can be in danger when they come face to face with one of these lions,” Troughton said. “The reality is that lions are in this area, one of them has been in town probably more than once.”