COLUSA, Calif. (KTXL) — The River Fire, as it was named, broke out on a levee between Highway 45 and the Sacramento River. It burned into the Colusa Sacramento River Regional Park.

As of Wednesday the fire has burned 600 acres and fire crews have been able to reach 80% containment, according to the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office.

The fire jumped the river, scorching orchards and racing through fields of dry grass, threatening the small city of Colusa.

“We started packing,” Resident Ebondy Lopez said. 

Lopez and her neighbors marvel at the work firefighters did to prevent the flames from torching homes.

“Really a hell of a job that they did because our whole back yard was dark. And right now it looks clear, so they did good,” Lopez said.

It wasn’t easy. The River Fire was actually multiple fires. Embers, carried by gusty winds seemed to almost seek out unburned patches of dry grass, igniting them easily.

This caused firefighters to scramble from one spot fire to another, using hoses and dozers to gain the upper hand. When the fire hit the trees, the eruptions of flames were explosive.

A small fire whirl even appeared, sometimes casually called “firenados.” Those can be dangerously unpredictable.

Landowners there prepared for a day like Tuesday, cutting a lot of the dry grasses down low to the ground. But the flames even found those low-cut grasses, devouring everything they could.

While all that was happening, nearby resident George Graham said he was watering down his backyard.

“We’ve had several fires back there,” Graham said. 

But as a retired firefighter, Graham was confident crews had the fire handled.

“I was glad to see the Cal Fire was here with a helicopter and a spotter plane too,” Graham said.

Access to this fire was a challenge, and yet dozer drivers found their way deep into the woods to cut containment lines.

At 8:30 p.m., the chief of the Sacramento River Fire Protection District told FOX40 the fire had burned 475 acres and was 75% contained.

He said some power poles were burned but no buildings. There were also no injuries.