Communication the Key to Preventing Terror

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While the Boston Marathon bombing is a reminder that the US is still vulnerable to terrorism, many steps have been taken make the country safer since 9/11.

New lines of communication and have opened up since then.  Law enforcement agencies and governments are better at sharing intelligence with each other.

“You get people sitting together from a county sheriff`s office, from a city police department, from the DEA, from the FBI,” pointed out Jay Alan, a strategic and crisis communications specialist who has worked with the Department of Homeland Security.

Deputy Fire Chief Scott Cockrum of Sacramento Metro Fire told FOX40 on Tuesday he has been in touch with law enforcement and the intelligence community.  Based on those conversations, Cockrum said there is no imminent threat to the Sacramento area.  As he also pointed out, Metro Fire crews are well trained and prepared to handle disaster scenarios.

Boston’s tragedy may lead to better safeguards for open air events.  Even still, we all have a role to play, being observant and reporting anything suspicious to authorities, said Alan.


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