South Land Park Quadruple Homicide: Community in Shock After Father Kills Family

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SACRAMENTO -- A heinous quadruple murder has torn apart a South Land Park family.

"Total shock," sand Tynya Beverly.

Beverly tells FOX40 her former colleague, Angel Vasquez, her two children and another adult were killed inside their South Land Park home.

Beverly says the man police arrested, Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, is their father and husband.

"This is a big call for love that if you had to do this you are in so much pain to have to take your family out like that," Beverly said.

The 56-year-old is behind bars at the Sacramento County Jail facing four counts of murder for a crime horrific enough to disturb and disgust a neighborhood and a police department.

"This is a very tragic incident that's affected everybody from the community, to the family, to the officers that are involved," said Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

Neighbor and former Sacramento City Council member Lauren Hammond says the children were an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, who she describes as quiet and reserved.

"We watched them learn how to ride a bike, skateboard, roller skate up and down the street, so losing them is very hurtful," Hammond said.

Hammond says the children attended John Cabrillo Elementary and Sam Brannan Middle School.

Police say Salvador Vasquez-Oliva is their primary suspect.

Hammond never sensed he could be capable of such a disgusting crime.

"He should have done something else," Hammond said. "I wont say what that is, but the answer is never to kill your family."

The California Employment Development Department says Vasquez-Oliva worked for EDD since October 2012 as an office technician.

Beverly says Vasquez also worked for EDD and was in the process of splitting from her husband, but recently let him move back into their South Land Park home.

Beverly says she's still in denial about the fact this dedicated mother and her children are gone.

"Why the kids? Why the babies?" Beverly said. "I just don't understand it and I cant get my hands around it."

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FOX40's Sonseeahray Tonsall Has Chance Encounter with Angelique Vasquez

My hug and giggle session with Angel Vasquez came just 11 and a half hours before loved ones tell FOX40 her body was found inside her South Land Park home, along with those of her son and daughter and that of another close relative.

As a reporter, putting stories like this or any other on the air puts you at the intersection of need and luck.

We need people to share their feelings on certain topics on camera to complete our reporting.

We feel lucky, I often call it blessed, when people are willing to share.

Angelique Smith Vasquez, Angel as she introduced herself to me, blessed me with some of her time Wednesday while she was on her way home from work

"Do you think that's fair?" I asked her Wednesday evening. "Do you think that's the right thing? Or do you think that's unfair?"

"I think that's a fair decision," Vasquez said.

The story was about managers at Sacramento's Capitol Towers warning tenants that federal law banning the use of marijuana would be observed on its property -- not the state's current allowances for medical and soon-to-be recreational use.

She didn't live in the complex, but as a renter, offered me her thoughts.

"I mean it's still illegal, the premise of it is still illegal," Vasquez said. "So...I think that everybody should respect where they live and the laws of which are in place."

Vasquez did that interview after very sweetly and energetically going on and on about how much she liked watching me on FOX40, how she loved my work, how she'd once thought about going into TV journalism and how she couldn't believe we were standing on the same sidewalk.

The next night, I couldn't believe I was standing outside of her home after multiple sources had helped FOX40 piece together her identity.

Police are still withholding it officially.

Our laughter-filled hug is a moment, a meeting I will never forget.


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