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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento City Unified School District teacher is under investigation after a recording exposed her using offensive language during class.

Frustrated parents and students say the district isn’t doing enough.

“I know the f-word is something you hear constantly. It used to be a nasty, ugly word and now it’s like the word n*****, which everybody says, or n****, which used to be a horrible, ugly word as well,” said Katherine Sanders in a recording.

“It’s not anymore, somehow. Wait, wait, how is that not a horrible word? Where I live, I hear it all the time!” Sanders, a Spanish teacher at Kit Carson International Academy, said.

Jaslene Freeman was in the classroom when Sanders said those words to her students about two weeks ago.

“It didn’t make sense to any of the students in our classroom when she did say it,” Freeman told FOX40. “We all looked at each other and we didn’t know what to say.”

Students said it was not the first time Sanders had used that type of language.

“She said it and I felt very hurt because it’s been used to be discriminative and stuff,” said Noah Rozzo, a former student of Sanders.

Community leaders came together at Kit Carson Thursday looking and asking for changes. 

After letting community leaders speak for roughly 30 minutes, SCUSD Superintendent Jorge Aguilar finally addressed the issue, saying he stands in solidarity with the community.

“What happened here at Kit Carson is not going to be condoned, is not going to be tolerated,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said Sanders was no longer working with Kit Carson students.

“But is she fired?”

“Again, I’m not going to comment on personnel matters, Mr. Accius,” Aguilar said, addressing Voice of the Youth founder Berry Accius.

Superintendent Aguilar also said the district is investigating not only this most recent incident but also allegations from years prior. There is no timeline for when that investigation will be completed.