‘This is the worst it has ever been’: Community left to clean up illegal fireworks set off at Antelope school

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ANTELOPE, Calif. (KTXL) — Illegal fireworks set off at an Antelope middle school on the Fourth of July not only kept neighbors up until 3 a.m., but the mess left behind had district officials saying they will take legal action against those responsible.

Members of the Antelope Crossing Middle School Parent Teacher Club spent Monday morning sweeping and raking up debris and dust, as well as tossing out hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks at the school. Someone even found an unlit firework in the grass where children play.

“It was pretty intense to see in the school grounds,” said Cesar De La O, the president of the ACMS PTC.

De La O said he and others living nearby heard all the commotion coming from the school courtyard Sunday night and knew the aftermath was going to be a problem.

“I mean, the tons of garbage that was left over, and you can see some of the bags over there that are full of leftover, illegal fireworks, cases,” De La O said.

Even the middle school custodian who loaded up several trash bags couldn’t believe what was left behind.

“This is the worst it has ever been,” the custodian said. “Usually, they’ll go out there and jack up the stage, but this is just totally crazy.” 

What was even more disturbing were the dangerous materials left behind, like a smoking bag of trash or what appeared to be gunpowder.

“I found a round one that was unexploded,” said one PTC member. “I don’t know exactly what it was, but there was no way I was going to put that in the bag. I just set it off to the side.” 

Despite law enforcement’s constant warnings of the repercussions of using illegal fireworks, many of the middle school’s PTC members said no one arrived to break up the activity Sunday night, and now they’re left sweeping up the pieces.

“You can say please, you can ask people to do the right thing, but we’re talking, in general, about people don’t really have a whole lot of care for their community,” one PTC member told FOX40. 

“To just leave it behind and not have consideration of who’s going to take care of things after the fact, that’s definitely the most disrespectful aspect of it all,” De La O said.

De La O added that they were just grateful the fireworks didn’t shatter the windows or ceiling of the school.

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District officials said they will be reviewing security camera footage and turn over any people they can identify to the local authorities.

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