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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg tells community members concerned about a new homeless center in their neighborhood that he wants to keep it open past the promised closure date, but he’s not sure for just how long.

That’s what people in North Sacramento say they heard Thursday night about the fate of the city’s Winter Triage center on Railroad Drive.

It was opened Dec. 8 and worried neighbors were originally told the 24/7 low-barrier facility would shut down at the end of March.

Thursday, those same neighbors heard Steinberg is in direct talks with the owner of the warehouse about keeping it open.

City representatives also indicated they’re working with a real estate agent to find other possible shelter spots for a minimum of 100 people in other parts of Sacramento.

Steinberg and Councilman Allen Warren cut their comments to give homeowners more time to ask questions, but some say they didn’t hear anything that calmed their fears about this project tanking their property values.

Others are concerned about how the center’s outdoor porta-potties and showers will fare once the weather warms up.

So far the center has housed 264 distinct clients.