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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — Love and support filled a Rancho Cordova church Sunday afternoon as family and friends celebrated the lives of a family taken way too soon.

“They will be forever missed,” said Anthony Gonzalez, the older brother of Brittney Montano, “It’s very emotional in there.”

A few hundred people mourned the loss and shared their favorite stories of the Montano family.

“Everybody loved my sister and Tony and the two kids,” Gonzalez said.

Parents Brittney and Tony, and their kids, 9-year-old Marianna,  5-year-old Antonio Jr. and 4-year-old Julian were all headed to Utah for a vacation.

In the early morning, a wrong-way driver, who the California Highway Patrol said was under the influence on Interstate 80 near Eagle Lakes Road, crashed into the family’s car.

“The two kids. They were great soccer players. She scored the most goals this year and he scored at least two goals in every game. They were great at what they did. Brittany landed her dream job at Sutter last year. They spoke on it, it was just beautiful. Tony was such a humble man. I’ve known him since he was like 12,” Gonzalez said.  

Young Julian was the only survivor. He is out of the hospital, but the family said he still has a long road ahead.

“We got to speak with some trauma nurses. He has gone through a lot. The whole family has gone through a lot, but this guy has gone through so much,” Gonzalez said.

The family said they are thankful to the Sacramento region for their support during this time and it’s not something they will forget.

“We appreciate the GoFundMe. You guys did so much to support us. Julian and his cousins, they will have great college funds and be able to take care of him the best we can,” Gonzalez said.

The wrong-way driver, Michael Scott Kelley, was arrested and is facing murder charges.