STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Stockton residents are reacting to the recent arrest of the suspected serial killer in their home city.

Wesley Brownlee was arrested early Saturday morning after a surveillance team watched him, found a pattern, and determined he was hunting to kill someone.

The Stockton Police Department said Brownlee was wearing dark clothing with a mask around his neck and a gun in his waistband.

Residents tell FOX40 that Stockton police were in full force as they arrived in an armored vehicle and barged through the suspect’s front door.

“When they came and raided his house, I didn’t think nothing of it… I was in my window recording, like what the hell do they got going on,” said Haley who lives in the same apartment building.

Haley says she informed herself about the killings that were happening before she found out Brownlee lived in her building.

“Literally when I GPS every location, it was literally four minutes away, three minutes away, five minutes away, eight minutes away… and I’m thinking damn. Damn why is this… so close?” Haley recalled.

Officers arrested Brownlee a mile away from his apartment. Police also said that the killings occurred in close proximity, including one from August, just two blocks away.

“When I seen his face, I was like this guy looks familiar but I didn’t know from where. But come to find out he’s right across from your unit. Yeah… it’s unbelievable to me to be honest,” neighbor Claudia Corona said.