Community Reacts to Teen’s Death from Peanut Allergy

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Parents feel for the Carmichael couple who lose their 13-year-old daughter after an allergic reaction to peanuts.

On the last night of a family trip to Camp Sacramento, the Natalie Giorgi tasted a Rice Crispy Treat topped with a spread that contained peanuts.

“They were all prepared for it. It wasn’t just a complete random … the girl knew everything about what she was supposed to know. Went straight to her parents,” said Kyle Finley, a Carmichael dad.

Natalie immediately knew something wasn’t right and went to her mother. Dad, who is a doctor, desperately tried to save her.

“How sad that was. That they were prepared he was a doctor. The dad was a doctor. They had the epi pins,” Finley said.

The dad administered an injection of epinephrine to combat the allergic reaction. But Natalie suffered anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest.

Although this local dad’s two six-year-olds don’t have allergies, the tragedy still hits home.

“That hit us hard. Man, they were completely prepared for it. They knew what had happened, and that it still ended in a death. It hit us hard,” Finley said.

Jennifer Webb has a toddler and a baby.

“We have an 8-month-old daughter. We’re still kind of discovering what may affect her … We really stay away from berries and nuts, or anything that could have a nut product,” Webb said

She worked as a teacher at a peanut-free preschool.

“I wasn’t even allowed to bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You really have to watch what you’re doing and watch cross contamination,” Webb said.

Rebecca Fris is mom to a second and sixth grader who are also allergy-free.

“But it actually made me, really think about how important it is to be aware of those types of things,” Fris said.


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