Community responds to bodycam footage of Stockton teen punched by police

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Newly-released body camera footage showed several Stockton police officers pull a teen from his car, drag him on the ground and punch him.

The parents of 17-year-old Devin Carter say the incident was excessive use of force when Carter was pulled over in December.

“All I was focused on was, I need to protect myself so I don’t die,” Carter told FOX40.

The mother of Carter finds comfort in the arms of her son, wiping a tear from her eye while she hears his cries of anguish as Stockton police officers kick and punch him, which is captured on police video

“When I was getting beat the way I was, all that was going through my mind was all of this Black Lives Matter and George Floyd. And there’s a possibility I could die,” Carter recalled.

Stockton police say Carter was speeding and driving erratically back in December of last year. They say he led them on a short chase before he pulled over.

His family and their attorney say that’s when Carter was severely beaten by police.

Earlier in the week, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones fired then officers Michael Stiles and Omar Villapudua, two of the four officers involved that night.

On Saturday, attorney John Burris released the video from body cameras worn by police that night. 

Jones says that video is the basis of a federal lawsuit, claiming the officers violated Carter’s civil rights.

“As a parent, it broke my heart. But the very first thing I told him, ‘I thank God you’re alive,'” said Carter’s dad, George Carter.

His mother, Jessica Carter, says police wouldn’t let her see her 17-year-old son at the hospital.

“He would not let me speak to him. They refused service. They broke his nose and shifted it. They wouldn’t set his nose. They didn’t give him proper treatment. The officers rushed him out of the hospital to answer questions for them. That’s a violation of all of our rights,” explained Carter’s mother, Jessica Carter.

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