SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — An apartment building fire in Sacramento left four households without a home just days before Christmas. 

The 13 residents said they aren’t sure what comes next, but some in the community are rallying to help. 

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District said crews pulled into Bellinger Court around 3 p.m. Wednesday as smoke poured into the sky from the roof of a fourplex. 

One of the apartments actually burned, but the firefight brought major water damage to two others and forced power to be cut to the fourth. 

The people who live there told FOX40 the Red Cross gave them gift cards, which they expect will cover expenses for about a week. 

For some, their biggest obstacle besides shelter is finding a place to store their surviving belongings. One family, however, said they were left with almost nothing. 

“The facility received a call that said, ‘Hey, we have an issue here, we need some help. What can you do?,’” Chief Deputy LeeAnneDra Marchese and president of the Sheriffs’ Toy Project recalled. 

The facility rallied in a matter of hours to put together a toy giveaway for the children who lost everything in the fire, a small step towards salvaging their Christmas. 

“I gotta say the looks on the kids’ faces, there’s nothing better than knowing when something bad has happened to somebody, and their sad and seeing a smile come to somebody’s face,” Marchese said.