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STOCKTON — Michael Brodsky doesn’t want to see the twin tunnels built in the Delta.

He says Gov. Jerry Brown’s $17 billion project that would send water to Southern California would ruin his community.

“That would destroy the delta ecosystem and the construction of this project would obliterate delta towns,” Brodsky, who is part of the Save the California Delta Alliance, said.

That’s why he’s supporting Congressman Jerry McNerney’s new legislation, which proposes an alternative.

“The tunnels don’t create any new water. Basically, it just takes water from one part of the state and puts it in another part of the state,” McNerney said.

Instead of building the tunnels, McNerney wants to focus on conserving water and creating more water storage in California.

His legislation would also provide funding for new technology that would detect leaks in city pipes.

“We do that by becoming more efficient with our water use, we do that by capturing storm water, we do that by stopping leakage … I think this is a much better approach,” McNerney said.

Discovery Bay resident Tally Holmes believes this legislation is a much better approach. She says she doesn’t want to see her backyard turned into a construction project.

“This is our drinking water, this is our fresh water, this water is for recreation and this is where we live,” Holmes said.

This isn’t the first piece of legislation McNerney has introduced to block the building of the twin tunnels, and it may not be the last.