SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A new Sacramento County project is meant to help residents and the county see how much water they’re using.

The project will eventually help residents conserve their water usage, but it’s only possible with the money people spend on their water bills.

“When people use less water, it means the revenue for the Sacramento County Water Agency are less,” said Matt Robinson with the Sacramento County Water Agency. “That ends up hitting our pocketbooks in terms of our operations and maintenance. Trying to get various projects like this completed.”

The Arden Pipe Renovation Project will put in water meters for residents in the neighborhood and replace old pipes to allow for a fresher flow of water as well as help water conservation in the long run. The $165 million project is scheduled to be finished by 2025 with a majority of the funds coming from people paying their water bills.

During the previous drought, Sacramento County was forced to delay the project.

“We ended up losing a lot of money because of not being able to pull in the revenue, which caused a project like this to be stalled,” Robinson said.

However, until there is an abundance of rain, the Sacramento County Water Agency said that water supply is still the top priority.

“Conserve first. That’s the main thing,” Robinson said.