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One little Sacramento boy now has a new bike resting safely behind his family’s fence on Boxwood Street.

He needed a new one because of what Sacramento Police say one driver did on Wednesday after getting out of his white extended cab pick-up in front of the boy’s home.

“[He] pushed the child off the bicycle, grabbed the bike and threw it in the truck,” said Officer Tracy Trapini as she described the incident.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that somebody, an adult, would get out of their vehicle to steal a bike from a child. This is just the top-of-the-line bully and we want to catch him,” said Trapini.

So do folks in the neighborhood.

“It’s not right. They should be doing something to the fullest extent of the law. Not a little kid,” said one woman name Cheryl.

“The victim’s father was actually able to chase after the truck for a little bit, but obviously couldn’t catch up with him,” said Trapini.

Luckily police were able to get this look at the fleeing Chevy S-10 thanks to the department’s network of ‘POD’ cameras posted at 12 intersections around the city.

‘POD’ stands for police observation device. The cameras record video and take still pictures at busy intersections to help with inevitable investigations.

Since the suspect behind the wheel is the ‘POD’ images is still on the loose, the little boy’s family did not want to talk about what happened on camera.

But, folks on Sacramento’s ‘cops and clergy’ team have a lot to say about bringing resources together to make sure the wronged child had a new bike less than 24 hours after the thief took his old one.

“I want the statement to be teamwork,” said Phillip Goudeaux, Assistant Senior Pastor at Calvary Christian Center.

This case is just one example of how Pastor Goudeaux sees the power of this partnership.

“The needs of that little boy that was today. But there will be needs tomorrow and the next day and we can do more together than we can do apart,” said Goudeaux.

The suspect who took the bike is described as an Hispanic man in his mid-20s, between five feet inches tall and six feet tall.

If you know anything about this theft, you’re asked to call Sacramento Police.