FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — Some longtime residents in the Fairfield area will soon have an entire unit of police stationed right in their neighborhood.

For decades, residents in Cordelia and Green Valley, located about 15 minutes outside of Fairfield, worried that when they called police it’d take a long time to respond.

Even when police assigned two patrol units to the area, some residents felt it still wasn’t enough.

“Even though we have two units down here, what happens is they get a call uptown, and then all of a sudden we don’t have anything down here for — We can go an hour, two hours without anything,” Longtime Cordelia resident George Kennedy said.

“We all knew that we needed more than the two dedicated patrols out of that area,” Catherine Moy, Fairfield Council member, said.

So, Fairfield police is establishing a working substation to be housed out of the Fairfield Cordelia Library on Business Center Drive, directly across from a hub of commercial businesses.

The police department will be moving its entire investigation unit to the location, meaning 30-plus police and staff support will be there.

“We needed more space for our investigations unit. So, it’s all going out there. We own the building out there, so it’s going to save taxpayers money,” Moy said.

That’s all good news to many longtime residents of the area, including Tamer Totah, who has lived in the area with his family for more than 30 years.

He said there are lots of women that refuse to go shopping after the sun goes down.

“Having that presence here would surely make a huge impact knowing that if there’s anybody that has ill-will or mischievous mindset, and they see the presence of law enforcement vehicles, marked vehicles, I think it would surely make a big difference in helping the community feel safe,” Totah said.

There are also five schools in that area.

“Knowing there’s a presence in the community here I think will deter people from thinking of doing something,” Totah said.

“We’ve been asking for 30 years-plus that I’ve been living down in the area.  So, to have an entire investigations unit come down … We can’t expect the police to be everywhere at the same time. But presence is an automatic deterrence,” Kennedy said.