Councilman Schenirer Proposes Homeless Shelter Near Curtis Park Neighborhood

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SACRAMENTO — The proposed homeless shelter would go in a state-owned lot near Curtis park and not everyone in the area is happy about the possible new addition to their neighborhood.

“Will it encourage more homeless people to be in this area,” a neighbor questioned.

The community is divided over the possibility.

The proposed city-run shelter would sit along X Street near the Curtis Park and North Oak Park residential neighborhoods.

Sacramento City Councilman Jay Schenirer proposed the shelter in the district he represents.

He says it will provide medical and mental health services to the area’s homeless and even help them get state IDs needed to find jobs and housing.

“We have a lot of homeless in that area that are causing a lot of problems for the neighborhood,” Schenirer said. “We have to do this. It’s a crisis in Sacramento.”

But his proposal is being met with mixed reviews.

“I think it’s needed,” said Brooke Bundgard.

Bundgard says the proposed shelter is a welcomed addition to the area.

“It makes sense because there is a major homeless presence in this area. I would like there to be accommodations for them especially on days like this where it’s rainy and cold. Anything that gives them resources to help support them,” she said.

However, not everyone is on board with the idea.

“I wasn’t really happy about it. It’s bringing more homeless people into the neighborhood,” said Donald Grant.

Grant says real estate prices in the neighborhood have skyrocketed in recent years and he worries that a homeless shelter would only bring property values down.

“This neighborhood just came up. Property values finally rose up and people started taking care of this neighborhood and now you’re going to have people who have nothing walking in the streets. I’m afraid property values are going to drop,” he said.

But despite the concerns, most people say this is a step in the right direction as city leaders work to address the on-going homeless challenges in Sacramento.

“Aesthetically and in terms of the value of my home, do I love it? No. But I’m a human being. They’re human beings and they need help,” Bundgard said.

Council member Schenirer hopes the council will vote to approve the X Street shelter next month.


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