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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento City Council member says there are too many cannabis businesses in his district, and he wants that to change by possibly re-zoning the business areas. 

That decision may delay the start of a new business venture in North Sacramento for Miko Banks. 

“The campus will house six individuals, core or social equity,” Banks said. “They’ll be able to come in as the new business, start their businesses.”

Resziin Farms is scheduled to open by late 2022, but a moratorium being introduced by Councilman Sean Loloee could delay that. 

“It comes back to zoning issues that’s we’ve had,” Loloee said. “And we’re hoping with this moratorium, we can focus on that and create a new zoning for our district.” 

Loloee said a majority of cannabis businesses are in District 2, but his community is not seeing any of that tax revenue, which is why he wants to re-zone the areas. 

“I think we need to be very adamant as to what we can consider light industrial to industrial areas,” Loloee said. “And they have to match that, and what businesses can go where.”

Unsure as to what type of zoning would be appropriate, Loloee wants to make sure cannabis businesses are able to operate in places that are not close to residential homes. 

But for Banks, that’s a concern for her as a business owner and resident. 

“That’s going to prevent us from working with other individuals that are trying to start their businesses as well out in this district, so it’s going to impact a lot of us,” Banks said. 

Maisha Bahati, CEO of Crystal Nugs, said it might get in the way of her business expanding and hopes there is a way to make everyone happy.

“Allowing core individuals to kind of continue with District 2 is something that is definitely needed,” Bahati said. “It’s going to give us opportunity to open up. It’s going to pour money back into that community.”

Loloee wants to make clear that he supports bringing equity to the district and does not want to disrupt current and established business owners. 

The moratorium will be heard at city council on May 4. Both women said they plan on attending to make sure their voices are heard.