Couple Expected to be Without Power Until Sunday, Surprised to have Power Friday

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LINCOLN — A Lincoln man was bracing for a third night without power on Friday when he got an unexpected message from his wife.

Joe Arana owns 10 acres in Lincoln that runs on well water, so Arana, his wife and tenants were preparing to be without power until Sunday.

“The notice was stating that our power was supposed to be off until Sunday around 11 p.m.,” Arana told FOX40.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Arana got a message from his wife notifying him that their service was back on.

“We made by, I mean, you have no control, and when you don’t have control, you do what you do,” Arana said.

Arana, who’s lived on his 10-acre land for 17 years, just happened to buy a generator transfer switch two weeks before PG&E shut off power to hundreds of thousands of customers.

The planned outages were an effort by PG&E to prevent fires from being sparked.

The utility has faced intense criticism from the public and Governor Newsom alike.

Arana says getting service back two days earlier than suggested is a rare instance of under-promising and over-delivering in what many see as a manufactured crisis.

“Yeah, I know the Paradise fires, and I feel horrible for the people and all that. That happened, but maybe the reaction is a little overboard,” Arana said.

According to PG&E’s CEO, the company is working to temper its plan for blanket disconnections in the future.

“We’re also continuing to add sectionalizing devices on our system. These allow portions not affected by adverse weather to remain in service,” CEO Bill Johnson said.

As of 8:30 p.m. on Friday, PG&E reported that 97% of customers who had their power shut off have now had it restored.


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