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PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Catholic schools in Sacramento County returned to class this week after health officials approved waivers for in-person lessons at 16 schools.

“We’re keeping everybody as safe as possible,” said Lincoln Snyder, the superintendent and executive director of schools for the Diocese of Sacramento.

In neighboring Placer County, elementary students at St. Rose School returned to class on campus last week despite learning that a student tested positive for the coronavirus.

“By all accounts, this transmission did not happen on campus,” Snyder told FOX40.

“They are so happy and it’s creating back the structure and routine that they need to feel safe and secure,” said mother Nikole Parise-Simeon.

FOX40 learned it was a student who was on campus for just one day during cohort lessons and who contracted the virus elsewhere.

Despite Placer County being on the watch list last month, cohort learning was able to begin on Aug. 17 at St. Rose, where students went to school on designated days and just for two hours the day the infected student attended lessons.

Last week, the school immediately contacted all parents after learning a student had the virus.

“Out of an abundance of caution, decided to put the cohort on quarantine for the coming two weeks,” Snyder explained.

All classmates of that student were also placed on home quarantine for 14 days, even if they had no contact with that student.

“I’m very confident that the school and the diocese has the policies and the procedures in place to make the decisions,” Parise-Simeon said.

“We’re doing everything we can in collaboration with public health and health experts to make sure that we’re being vigilant and safe on campus,” Snyder said.

With students in the diocese in Placer County, and now Sacramento County, returning to campus, some parents said they hope it’s the beginning of life returning to normal.

“I’m hopeful that us returning to campus will load pf set the pace for other schools, which looks like it has,” Parise-Simeon told FOX40. “And I just hope that we continue to be in a place where we can maintain and stay the course.”