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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The COVID-19 vaccine has begun rolling out for the staff of Sacramento City Unified School District.

“I got it this morning,” said district nurse Nho Le-Hinds, who received her first COVID-19 vaccination Tuesday. “You know what, it was actually a really easy process.”

As a person in the medical field, Le-Hinds was at the top of the priority list. Now, the teachers whom she works with are also able to be vaccinated.

While Sacramento remains under distance learning only, Le-Hinds said this will be a big step in resuming in-class instruction.

“Many have pre-existing conditions that puts them in the high-risk group, and so it would make it very difficult for them to be in the classroom and feel safe,” Le-Hinds said.

Tuesday night, California State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Thurmond addressed the question of when schools that are currently distance learning would go back to in-person learning, saying it would require more vaccines.

“It’s varying county by county, and so I can’t give you an exact date,” Thurmond said. “In order for the vaccine to be effective, everyone has to have two doses. And so right now, we have to turn our attention to the federal government to say we need to have more doses of the vaccine.”

For Le-Hinds, vaccinations for educators will not be the only element factored into the returning to schools equation.

“There are so many different pieces of the puzzle and this is just one of them,” she said.