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Newly released documents are shedding new light on the life of Jadianna Larsen.

Jadianna’s body was found burned in Glenn County last month, on the same day she was reported missing out of Sacramento County.

Documents released Monday to FOX40 by Sacramento County Child Protective Services, reveal a history of CPS contact with Jadianna’s caregivers.

The first CPS referral happened in a hospital. Jadianna was just two days old and weighed only three pounds, according to the documents. A social worker was called out to investigate general neglect.

In 2011, CPS investigated physical abuse — a scratch on her eye and a bruise. Jadianna said someone hit her. The abuse was later determined to be unfounded.

In January 2012, documents show she was exposed to pornography on a computer. In April of the same year, her caregiver was investigated for using marijuana around the young girl.

In October 2012, CPS made another visit, this time because her caregiver was reportedly selling food stamps and letting strange men inside the apartment where she lived.

In October 2013, Jadianna — only 4 years old at the time — was found outside her apartment crying and unattended at 1:50 a.m.

In March 2014, another visit by CPS after reports of a registered sex offender inside the home.

An August 2014 complaint that Jadianna was living in a filthy roach-infested home and that her caregiver was not mentally stable and may be using drugs was later determined to be unfounded.

An April 22, 2015 report that Jadianna was once again left unsupervised was also later listed as unfounded.

A safety assessment on April 30 concluded:

“No safety threats were identified at this time. Based on currently available information, there are no children likely to be in immediate danger of serious harm.”

The last page of the documents is a May 4 risk assessment reading:

“Situation stable. There are no services that could be put into place to assist this family at this time. MO has ample services in place including living (redacted) at an independent living facility.”

A few weeks later, on May 28, Jadianna’s body was found burned in a field in Glenn County. Her mother’s boyfriend, Juan Rivera, was arrested in connection to her death. His mother was also arrested, accused of helping her son cover up the murder.

“How does it get to that point?” questioned Reverend Ashiya Odeye of the Justice Reform coalition, a citizens oversight group during a conversation with FOX40.

Odeye, a vocal critic of CPS, was disturbed by what he saw in the documents, and he contends the agency should have been more proactive.

“It says in red letters that there’s a safety plan in place,” he observed. “But there’s never any mention about what the safety plan is.”

Sacramento County CPS issued the following statement with the documents:

“In our community, many public and private providers offer treatment and protective services to surround vulnerable families with support. CPS is highly supportive of families who engage with these services, because they can often fortify a safe environment for a child while keeping the family intact. Of course, other individuals may nevertheless bring harm to children. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Jadianna.”

CPS Document — Jadianna Larsen

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