Crash Sends Stroller with Baby Inside 50 Feet Down Modesto Road

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MODESTO — A driver did not see a mother pushing her baby in a stroller Sunday night and crashed into them both.

The crash sent the stroller and the 5-month-old baby boy strapped inside of it 50 feet down the road.

The crosswalk where the mother and child were hit cuts through four lanes of traffic on Yosemite Boulevard in Modesto, also known as State Route 132.

“It was pretty intact though and he was restrained in it the whole time and luckily baby’s bones are pretty flexible and pliable so… ” said firefighter paramedic Giancarlo Telesco.

Telesco responded to the crash site and said that when he held the baby in his arms he “was pretty pumped when the baby was crying.”

“I’m not going to lie, I was like, ‘Yes!'” Telesco said.

He was thrilled he seemed only to have scratches. The baby was airlifted to a children’s hospital out of caution. A family friend tells FOX40 the baby and his mother are doing OK.

Sisters Francine and Arlene Rodriguez live right by the crosswalk.

“All I was thinking about last night was, ‘Is the baby OK?'” Francine told FOX40.

They stood with the baby and his mother and comforted her other little girls, who they met outside.

“We just tried to keep the two little girls occupied,” Francine said.

“I brought this little pony ’cause I wanted her to have it,” Arlene said.

The 11 and 9-year-old knew exactly what to do because the crash wasn’t the first they’ve seen in the area. Francine said it must have been the third one they’ve experienced.

As a result of those dangerous occurrences, their fence had to be fixed and the new stop sign at the corner is being held up with sandbags.

In this case, Modesto police say the driver was cooperative.

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