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ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — Strong winds in Elk Grove brought down a large tree in a residential neighborhood, but crews were at the ready to resolve the issue on Monday. 

“The wind was whipping through here and I heard a huge crash,” resident Angela Butcher said.

Steady rainfall throughout the day, coupled with strong winds, toppled the tree and felled branches throughout Elk Grove.

Butcher was inside with her granddaughter when a tree came crashing down within feet of her fence. 

The tree ended up blocking Bader Road. 

“It sounded like a car crash. It sounded like two cars hitting full force when it hit the ground, and I thought, because so many people driving fast out here, I thought maybe it was a car crash. But when I turned around, I saw the tree,” Butcher said. 

Butcher said this isn’t the first time wet weather has wreaked havoc in her neighborhood. 

“As a matter of fact last year, just up on the other side of the stop sign there or not even before the fence there, a huge tree blew and did the same thing, except it took our power out for three days,” Butcher explained. 

The rain this time around also slowed traffic and posed a hazard for drivers. 

“A lot of rain on the road, on I think Interstate 5, which is unbelievable. Very difficult to drive especially with the big trucks; they throw water everywhere,” resident Gaynon O’Claray said. 

O’Claray was forced to take an alternate route home because of the tree that was blocking the road.

“I have to go all around and come in from the other side,” O’Claray said.

A broken fence was all that was left behind after crews hauled off the tree that was blocking Bader Road. Elk Grove Public Works crews responded to clear the roadway within hours of the road closure.

The city said they had increased staffing of both the Public Works hotline and service crews on Sunday in anticipation of the wet weather. 

“I’m surprised that happen as quickly as it did. So, I’m happy about that,” Butcher said. 

Despite the inconveniences, some said they don’t mind the rain. 

“We need the rain, but this is a wind tunnel through here. So this is what it is every time it rains and the wind comes through. It’s always like this through here, so you just got to live with it,” Butcher said. 

“We need a lot of it. We’re on the right foot. I wish it didn’t come all at one time, but here it is,” O’Claray said. 

Elk Grove is reminding residents to not call 911 to report downed trees and branches or any street flooding. Instead, residents should call Public Works at 916-687-3005.