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SACRAMENTO — It was a tricky fire to fight at a Sacramento City Unified School District bus maintenance facility Sunday evening.

“It was a time critical incident we had here. When we showed up, there was so much fire coming out of the breeze way, it was lapping up both sides of the building,” said Captain Dave Lauchner with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Amateur cell phone video captured some of that, as neighbors watched the fire establish itself.

They knew it was no ordinary garage fire, but rather fire in a garage that services a fleet of school buses, with all the flammables that go along with that.

“Diesels and fuel and stuff in there, is that a concern to us? That’s part of it. If you’re going to bus kids and you’re going to have to work on the vehicles and, you’re going to have diesels and materials,” said Patrick McCullough, who lives nearby.

As the Sacramento Fire Department got a handle on the flames, a hazardous materials team arrived to evaluate what was left behind.

It’s a step firefighters weren’t able to take when they first responded.

“There was so much fire they really didn’t know what they were coming into. So once they got the gates open, got the fires out, they did notice some of the barrels were there,” Captain Lauchner said.

No firefighters were injured fighting the blaze. The cause is under investigation.