Crews work to clear city drains ahead of rolling storms

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento is doing what it can to make sure streets and drains stay clean before more rain falls on the city. 

The city said Land Park is a problem area when it rains, and the main reason is because of leaves on the ground, which can cause flooding. 

“We’re going around doing some maintenance work ahead of the storm,” said Carlos Eliason, with the Department of Utilities. 

On Wednesday, crews cleared out the storm drain system to make sure it doesn’t clog up. 

“Doing maintenance on city trees, city streets, going and picking up debris and unclogging some storm drains that we know to be sort of trouble spots,” Eliason explained.

A lot of that maintenance also includes trimming and pruning tree branches that may break during a storm.

While the city does this type of maintenance year-round, crews put in extra effort Wednesday. 

“This is a little bit of work in advance because this is our first storm that will bring what is predicted to be a significant amount of rain,” Eliason said. 

On top of that, the city’s recycling and solid waste division will start collecting piles of leaves. 

“In addition to the regular weekly collection of yard waste, we also have our claw going around and collecting leaves that are piled on the street,” said Jesa David, with Recycling and Solid Waste. 

The city said they will also respond to residential streets if people want to request services by dialing 311. 

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