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Teenagers. Twins. Documented gang members.

And, as criminologist John Phillips says, “They’re serial killers.”

That’s because police believe the 19-year-olds, Jerone and Tyrone Sotolongo, are behind three unsolved homicides in Stockton.

“They’ve linked them to two unsolved homicides from 2012, and one from 2011,” said Officer Joe Silva with Stockton Police.

The age may seem so young, as many people at 19 are barely leaving home. But, the two are accused of seriously ugly crimes.

“I don’t want grown-ups having guns that are a tool to kill things unless they know how to use them,” Phillips says.

Let alone kids.

At some ages, it’s harmless playing with toy guns. But, as police have seen this week, how quickly that changes.

Just Tuesday afternoon, police stopped a teenager they say was in possession of a .38 revolver and a box of ammunition.

But the answer to reducing violence lies within these men and women, Phillips says.

“Nowadays, the more police, the less crime,” Phillips says.

And so far in 2013, they’ve reduced the homicide rate by nearly 100% since last year.