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SACRAMENTO –  District Attorney candidate, Noah Phillips, spoke with FOX40 Friday about the emails that some say are not appropriate of a prosecutor, but he says otherwise.

A conviction is usually a point of resolution in a murder trial, but one Sacramento case has only opened up more questions. One of them, did the prosecutor involved make a deal with one killer and improperly keep the deal secret from that killer’s co-defendants?

Now the accused prosecutor is speaking out about the latest brief filed in the case – one with emails that some say prove the deal.

Those messages are being offered as evidence of prosecutorial misconduct to try and win a new trial for a defendant in the Ashok Kumar murder trial who supposedly wasn’t offered a deal.

The finger pointing may upend Noah Phillips’ candidacy for district attorney.

The claim is that Phillips emailed attorney Danny Brace  his cross examination and suggested answers for Brace’s client and one of Kumar’s killers, Tiwan Greenwade.

All of it was supposedly done in exchange for Greenwade to give testimony that would make the other three defendants look worse to jurors.

FOX40 asked Phillips about that message.

“I am not sure about this and this is why the information I sent through official channels….are not necessarily…. I’m not sure what Dan gave to his client,” he said. “There is nothing illegal or unlawful or improper about giving someone questions.”

Other attorneys we’ve spoken to say such a move with questions and suggested answers would be very unusual.

The first full hearing on this matter is set for May 11.