DA Schubert, victim speak out about possible early parole for ‘Second Story Rapist’

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – In the 1990s, a man named Paul Eugene Robinson terrorized women in the Sacramento area.

Known locally as the “Second Story Rapist,” Robinson broke into apartments and assaulted multiple women until he was caught with the help of DNA evidence.

After serving 18 years of his 65-year prison sentence, Robinson is eligible for parole. 

Gwyn Lamar was one of Robinson’s first victims in 1994. 

“I was asleep in bed, it was very, very early in the morning and I woke to a man with a knife at the foot of my bed,” Lamar told FOX40.

Lamar was in her 20s and she’d just graduated from college.

She was living in a second-floor apartment in Sacramento when she was raped. 

“He was telling me if I call 911, he was going to come and kill me,” Lamar recalled. “At that time, there was a statute of limitations on rape that doesn’t exist anymore, luckily, but at that time it did.” 

For eight years, Lamar says she lived in fear, believing her attacker would come back until Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert tried DNA testing, which was new at the time. 

“It was the first time in California that we ever filed what’s called a John Doe DNA warrant so we didn’t know who the guy was, but we charged his DNA and that allowed us to prosecute him when we caught him,” Schubert explained.

Robinson assaulted several other women before his arrest in September of 2000.

He was convicted for multiple sex crimes in 2003.

Robinson is now eligible for early release based on current laws that allow violent inmates and sex offenders to be paroled once they reach 50 years old and serve at least 20 years of their sentence. 

“Robinson could’ve been sentenced to 700 years, he would still have the hearing even after just 20, and that to me is really disheartening,” Schubert said. 

Lamar says the prison and court systems are changing the rules and playing with a very dangerous man. 

“I’m 50 and I’m healthy and moving around,” Lamar said. “I don’t feel like 50 means that he’s getting out and wouldn’t have the capability to continue this compulsion, these crimes and who knows what other women could be devastated.”

Robinson, who is now 51-years-old, will have his first parole hearing next month.

Schubert says they will be there ready to defend victims like Lamar.

“She will have a voice there and obviously our office will have a voice there and strongly oppose his parole,” Schubert said.

Robinson has served 18 years at the Valley State Prison in Chowchilla.

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