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Update: Wright’s car was found in Sacramento Sunday. Investigators were still searching for him as of Monday, Jan. 22.

ROCKLIN — “It’s hard because you don’t know what’s going on, you have no answers,” said Haley Kendall.

You can hear the desperation in her voice, you can see it on her face — her dad is missing. It’s been five days, and she still isn’t any closer to finding him.

“Unfortunately, I watch a lot of crime shows. I feel like I’m in one,” she said.

Raymond Wright was last seen Jan. 11 leaving his Rio Linda workshop. On Jan. 13, Kendall says a man was caught burglarizing her dad’s Rocklin home.

“My uncle tried to confront him. He took off out the garage door and got away,” she said.

Whether Wright’s disappearance and the burglary are connected is unknown. That’s just one of the many questions Kendall has.

She says this is completely out of character. He’s missed work, band practice and hasn’t talked to any family or friends.

The biggest question on her mind now? Where is her dad?

“We’re looking for any answers we can get because at this point we don’t have any,” Kendall said.

Raymond Wright is described a 6-foot-tall white man, weighing about 170 pounds and is 55 years old.

His 2016 white Ford F-250 truck is also missing. The license plate is 29821Z1.

The family filed a missing persons report with the Rocklin Police Department but say since he was last seen in Rio Linda, they plan to file a report with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. If you’ve seen him or his truck contract law enforcement.