Daughter is Innocent in Sac-Placer Crime Spree, Dad Says

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Janelle Monroy

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For the first time we are hearing from the family of Janelle Marquez-Monroy, the wife of Marcelo Marquez.

The couple stands accused of a deadly crime spree.

Tuesday, FOX40 spoke with Janelle's father in Phoenix, Ariz. He says, he was expecting his daughter to arrive from Utah to  Arizona on Saturday for her mother's birthday, but she never made it.

Mauro Marquez spoke to his daughter by phone; her first call was to him from inside the Sacramento County Jail.

"She called to tell us, that she was in custody and that he killed an officer," Mauro Marquez said. "I knew that he was coming to drop-off my daughter in Phoenix, but I don't know why they were in Sacramento."

Janelle's father says the plan, was for his daughter to move away and separate from Marquez.

"She told him that she wanted a separation , and that the relationship could not continue. "

Mauro Marquez says his daughter isn't a criminal, but is a victim.

"She never told us, from what I know she was scared that he would hurt her and maybe do something to us. He would force her to be naked inside the house and not let her leave," he said " He hit her.  She also had photos of bruises."

FOX40 previously interviewed one of the carjacking victims, Jose Cruz-Juarez Salas. In his eyes, Janelle appeared to be doing everything to elude authorities.

"When the man pulled the gun on me, she said, 'Please help us,'" Salas, a landscaper who says he was carjacked by the duo, told FOX40.

Salas says Monroy watched the entire ordeal play out from inside another stolen car.

"He told her to move the car," Salas said. "She moved it and then she got some stuff from the car and got into the truck."

Monroy is now sitting behind bars, a place her father says she doesn't belong.

"I know my daughter is innocent," Mauro Marquez said.


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