(KTXL) — Davis Police announced the arrest of a suspect in three recent stabbings that left two men dead and a woman injured, saying that a 21-year-old former UC Davis student has been linked to the crimes.

At a news conference on Thursday, police said 15 people called on Wednesday around 5 p.m. to report someone who was wearing the same clothes as the suspect description near Sycamore Park, the site of the second stabbing.

Police Chief Darren Pytel said Carlos Dominguez was detained as a person of interest, and police said they found a large hunting knife in a backpack he was wearing. According to police, the knife appeared to be consistent with the first stabbing, but they still have to evaluate if it is the knife used in the attacks.

Police interviewed him, and they said he was “compliant” throughout the whole process. He also appeared to know police were searching for him, Pytel said.

Dominguez was formally arrested as a suspect on Thursday afternoon on two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide.

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Officers are now searching his home in Davis and have talked to his roommates. According to police, he was a student at UC Davis “until last week,” but has been in the area for several years.

Davis Mayor Will Arnold said it was a remarkable achievement to bring this case to this point so quickly. 

“I commend and thank our partners, professionals who worked around the clock to ensure that this criminal was taken out of our neighborhoods,” Arnold said. “I thank the community members that helped crack this case.”

The city of Davis was rocked by three separate stabbing attacks in one week, the first happening the night of April 27.

That night, 50-year-old David Henry Breaux, known as the “Compassion Guy,” was killed in Central Park.

Two nights later, UC Davis student Karim Abou Najm, who was several weeks away from graduating, was stabbed to death while walking home.

The third attack happened just before midnight on May 1, when a person attacked a woman sleeping in a tent.

Police have said that witness descriptions of the suspect in the second and third attacks are similar. There were no witnesses of the first attack.