(KTXL) — A sketch of the person who may be connected to the stabbings in Davis could not be released due to “low confidence” in its accuracy.

The city of Davis on Tuesday said authorities were working on a sketch of the attacker, but the end result was something that the witness was not confident accurately depicted the person. 

•Video Above: Davis businesses limiting operations as no arrest is made in stabbings

Witnesses at the third stabbing were unable to provide “the finer details” that would allow for an accurate sketch. 

Police said they would not release the sketch as it could result in an innocent person being detained. 

Detectives said they have gathered biological evidence at the crime scenes and are analyzing it, but “no conclusions regarding a source have been made” yet. 

A general description of the attacker has been previously released. 

He is described as a man of light complexion with curly hair, and he is believed to be between 5 feet, 6 inches and 5 feet, 9 inches tall.