(KTXL) — A court-appointed psychologist was questioned in the competency trial of the Davis stabbing suspect on Thursday, and she said he may have schizophrenia.   

Carlos Reales Dominguez is accused of stabbing three people earlier this year, two of them fatally.

He took his seat in court on Thursday as cross-examinations continue in the trial in which jurors will determine if he is mentally competent to face a criminal trial.

California Department of Corrections Senior Psychologist Dr. Juliana Rohrer said, “I would say Mr. Dominguez is a textbook example of schizophrenia.” 

She noted that his traits are similar to what she saw in an eight-hour interview with Dominguez and an investigator posing as an inmate. 

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Rohrer added that she did a competency assessment of Dominguez back in June after spending about three hours with him. 

In her initial report, Rohrer says she assessed Dominguez’s personality and whether he had clinical symptoms.

She noted that Dominguez had conflicting responses to questions about his social and educational history, including what led to the breakup with his girlfriend. 

Dr. Rohrer also said she conducted a test to determine if Dominguez showed signs of malingering, or faking a mental illness.

“He answers ‘I don’t know,’ ‘not sure,’ or ‘yes or no’ and because of that consistency amongst all of those things, it seems to me that it’s more related to his inability to communicate or his poverty of speech and his poverty of thought, which are symptoms of his schizophrenia,” Rohrer said in response to the prosecution’s suggestion that Dominguez could be faking it.

The prosecutor noted that Rohrer’s opinion in court on Thursday, which includes her comments on his possibly having schizophrenia, is more definitive than her initial report over a month ago. 

The CDCR psychologist says that her opinion did change after viewing another clinician’s findings, but that wasn’t the only thing she took into consideration when communicating her diagnosis today. 

The competency trial is expected to resume on August 7.

Dominguez, a former UC Davis student, is on trial for stabbing three people back in late April and early May, which left two victims dead and one seriously injured.