(FOX40.COM) — UC Davis Police, private security, barricades, and protestors were all outside of UC Davis on Friday night.

turned speaker took the mic to address the ticketed crowd.

Riley Gaines, a former college swimmer who has gained notoriety for her stance against trans women competing in women’s sports, spoke to the crowd in the college’s conference center.

But before she spoke, Gaines told FOX40.com that on her speaking tour, she expects protestors.

“There are protesters at nearly 100% of the universities to different degrees,” Gaines said.

She continued, ” Of course, coming to states like California, which is a bluer state, it leans more left. You can expect that increase in opposition.”

In response to Gaines’s visit to campus, the UC Davis LGBTQIA resource center posted this to social media:

“We stand with the transgender and nonbinary community, affirm their right to exist in public life – including in sports – and condemn all speech and action that spreads mis/disinformation and leads to transphobic violence.”

Friday night’s event was put on by the Davis college republicans.

A spokesperson for the university gave FOX40.com this statement:

“We are committed to ensuring that all members of our community, including transgender and nonbinary people, are treated with dignity and respect and are able to flourish on our campus. Allowing the use of campus facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the university of the event, the speakers, or the views expressed.”