(KTXL) — A scholarship in honor of beloved Davis resident David Breaux was announced on Monday. 

The David Breaux Memorial Scholarship was created by the Yolo Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Sacramento Region Community foundation, and will be open to high school seniors and first-year college students from Yolo County High Schools. 
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Breaux was one of the victims who died in a series of stabbings in Davis. He was known as “the compassion guy” due to him asking people for their definition of the word “compassion” and promoting the concept in the community. 

“David’s life mission was to spread awareness of compassion,” Breaux’s sister Maria said in a press release. “This scholarship continues this goal, and allows a young person to help cultivate, in their own ways, a world where everyone treats each other with kindness, empathy, and unconditional love.” 

According to the foundation, the funding for the scholarship came from a local couple, both of whom are retired professors. The couple was not named in the press release.

“David was such a gentle man, and his dedication to exploring the nature of compassion was inspiring,” the couple said in the release. “We wanted to see his curiosity, intelligence, and commitment to compassion live on.” 

The first round of the scholarship, which will be awarded annually, will be open to applicants in December. 

Members of the community can contribute to the scholarship fund online, the foundation said. 

A commemoration event for Breaux was held in Davis on Saturday. People gathered at Compassion Bench on the corner of 3rd and C streets. 

The event was held on the 14-year anniversary of when Breaux started collecting definitions of compassion.