Davis Man Honors Officer Natalie Corona by Running 224 Miles

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DAVIS — An ultra-runner is doing the unthinkable in Davis by trying to complete 224 miles over the course of 72 hours.

And his efforts are for a very good cause.

Back in January, rookie police officer Natalie Corona was shot and killed.

Her badge number was 224.

So, Colin Schmitt is running 224 miles in her memory.

He plans to complete the task on Sunday, 2/24.

Schmitt has run long distances before but never something like this.

Schmitt got the idea when he passed a billboard with Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona’s picture on it shortly after she was killed in the line of duty January 10th.

“And, it said badge number 224 so, I was like, I know what we can do with that number,” said Schmitt. “Let’s do something with that number. Let’s make a statement with that number.”

Schmitt set out Friday morning to begin his 224-mile run.

Over 72 hours, this personal trainer at Get Fit Davis Sport will run a 17-mile loop around the city until he achieves his ultimate goal.

“Worse-case scenario, I just walk it the rest of the way. If I don’t get it by 2/24 that’s not going to stop me. I’m going to keep going and finish it,” Schmitt said.

Ashton Wolgast is running part of the 224 miles along with her friend.

Both remember the day officer Corona was gunned down and both understand what that loss means to their community.

“It’s a terrible loss, so we’re just happy to be able to do something to show our support,” Wolgast said.

Schmitt has set up a GoFundMe account to help benefit the Natalie Corona Scholarship Fund.

“The money for that is going to go towards supporting women in the police academy, supporting education and all sorts of other great things,” Schmitt stated.

“I think he just wants to get people out of their normal routine. To get people thinking about something else, and about others,” Wolgast said.

It won’t be easy, Schmitt only takes one 30-minute rest every 12 hours to grab a shower, a fresh set of clothes and something to eat.

Then he’s off again but with plenty on his mind.

“I’ve got Natalie backing me up for this because I wouldn’t be running the 224 if that wasn’t her badge number,” Schmitt said. “So really, she inspired the run. So, I’m trying to represent the run the best I can.”


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