Davis May Add Hundreds of Jump Bikes

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DAVIS — The Davis City Council is prepared to increase the number of Jump bikes in the city and, at the same time, increase enforcement of parking restrictions that are routinely ignored by riders.

Currently, around 200 Jump bikes are allowed in the city but that number may go up to 700 with incremental increases over the next four months, according to city officials.

A survey of Jump bike use by the city shows that citizens generally favor their use to cut down on the reliance on polluting automobiles. What they don’t like are riders leaving bikes on sidewalks and other illegal areas after their use, according to the survey.

Among the proposals that will be considered by the city council on Tuesday is whether to allow police to remove bikes from sidewalks that block strollers, wheelchairs and the elderly. Currently, the company has a two-hour grace period to remove them, although Davis police often don’t have time to enforce those rules.

Another proposal allows riders to park Jump bikes on street curbs and exempt them from time limits and restricted areas.

Yet another provision calls for assessing a $38,000 permitting fee to bike ride-sharing companies so part-time enforcement officers can be hired.

It’s unclear if such costs would be passed on to riders, which would work against the city’s goal of increasing ridership. Any provision passed by the city council will be enforced for a year so that the changes can be evaluated.


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